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Aquisition & Growth


New Pet Businesses

Starting a new business or getting a new product off the ground can be challenging. Phil has seen a lot of people invest their entire life savings on a new idea that had no future. But with real, honest, expert advice your new business concept or pet invention will thrive. Phil is dedicated to helping you get that new business or new pet invention up and running. Learn from someone who's actually done it himself. Phil has worked with more than 100 manufacturers and distributors, so he can introduce you to the right people and create long-lasting partnerships.

Established Pet Businesses

Pet related businesses face their own unique set of challenges in today's global marketplace. Competition is greater than ever before. Opportunities are waiting around every corner - if you know where to look.  Phil Cooper is a pet industry insider who can help you with sales and distribution, manufacturing, strategic partnerships, product licensing and anything related to growing your business. Take the journey with someone who's already been there and found success. 

Practical experience.

Phillip Cooper

Pet Industry Expert & Insider