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Phillip Cooper

With over 40 years of experience at all levels of the pet industry, Phil Cooper has done it all.  He’s been a retailer (both small and large), a multi-unit operator, and he had the very first pet superstore in the USA.  He was part owner of an 80-year-old pet distribution company in Australia and the highest volume pet product rep in the USA for many years.


Phil has done everything from importing containers to opening USA offices for overseas firms.  He has built pet brands from the ground up and rescued brands that had no vision.  Phil has traveled the world buying and selling pet products.  He specializes in building small pet product companies into large firms.  Phil is an expert at building sales teams and distribution networks, handling national accounts and building product ranges.


Phil brings his wide range of pet industry expertise to PetIndustryExpert.com to help you build your own pet business, launch your brand and develop new pet product ideas – all by saving you precious time and money.


Phil will provide honest advice and clear direction to help you attain your business goals.  When you choose PetIndustryExpert.com, you can feel confident that you’ve chosen the highest quality of service the pet industry has to offer.